Great Chief Park/Heritage Ranch – 10 km

Date of last grooming: Dec. 5, 2018

Conditions: Trails for the most part are in excellent condition for classical skiing. Loops around ball diamonds are ideal for Schools with busing capability.

Trails Groomed Classic Skate
Great Chief Park loops Green Red
Riverside and Heritage Ranch trails Green Yellow


Phone number: 403-343-2937 cell 505-6763


River Bend Recreation Area-15 km

River Bend has beautiful new trails that have been designed for the enjoyment of all skiers – making the hills more accessible and safer for a wide variety of skills. They will be show cased nationally at the Canada Winter Games ski and biathlon races in February and March of 2019.

Our groomers are out each day during the week grooming various areas of the 15 km trail system. You will always find freshly groomed skate and classic trails somewhere along the River Bend & Recreation Area trail system.

In preparation for the Canada Winter Games you may come upon snow making and moving in the trails. Please use caution or avoid these areas as specialized equipment and machines maybe used.

Enjoy the trails.