Red Deer Nordic Programs

Red Deer Nordic Race & Fitness Program 13-17 yrs     $812*

Oct 11 -12, 2019 – Hiking Dry-land Camp
Oct 1, 2019 – April 2, 2020 Tue/Thurs 5:00pm-6:30pm
Oct 13, 2019 – Mar 13 Sat, 2019 10:00am-12:00pm

*Additional fees for zone4 credit card registration on line, races, loppets, club clothing and camps.


For the athletes who LOVE to race! The Focus for racing programs will be to improve technique, increase athlete’s fitness, strength, and mental preparedness for Alberta Cups, and other races. The program is facilitated by the RDN head coach with support from trained parent coaches and provides specific skill directed fun practices in a team setting, where friendships can be fostered. Individual training plans, and Coaching/waxing support is provided for all Alberta Cup races in this program price. (race fees, and travel are responsibility of the athletes)

Skiers will:

  • be on a monitored training plan requiring an additional 2-3 days of training per week;
  • be challenged to improve skate and classic technique on a variety of terrain throughout the province;
  • work and communicate with coaches to find a healthy balance between school, family, self, training and racing;
  • learn about the physical impact of training, mental training, time management, sport nutrition, racing strategy, equipment/ski preparation, and being a good team member; and
  • work towards becoming an independent, 24-hour athlete.

Additional opportunities may include Western Championships, Youth Championships and Nationals and back country trips. *Some of these events are available only to specific age groups, club participation and will have additional fees.


Required Equipment:

  • skate and classic skis. Ideally, but not necessarily, 2 pair of each: 1 pair for training in poor conditions and 1 for racing
  • skate poles and classic poles
  • ski striding/bounding poles
  • roller ski tips for skate and classic poles
  • roller skiing protective gear (helmet is mandatory, knee and elbow pads STRONGLY recommended)
  • technique-specific boots
  • appropriate winter clothing for training and before and after skiing
  • water bottle you can wear while training
  • watch with timer
  • headlamp (mandatory)
  • basic wax kit
  • running shoes
  • training log

For more information, please contact Head Coach - Alanna Butler at 403-582-0110.

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Fitness 13-17 yrs      $322*

Dec 3, 2018 – Mar 18, 2020 Tue/Thurs 5:00pm-6:30pm

*Additional fees for races, clothing and camps which are optional. 

This on snow program allows skiers to improve their technique and build strength and endurance while skiing. Skiers will also have a chance to learn back country skills. There are optional opportunities to participate in fun loppets. Trained coaches and parent volunteers provide a positive, fun, exciting experience that will keep kids skiing for life. Skiers must be able to ski a minimum of 5km.

Skiers will be:

  • challenged to master their skate and classic ski techniques on flat and hilly terrain;
  • encouraged to participate in local ski loppet, and other weekend activities like, day ski tours, and waxing clinics;
  • introduced to dressing for winter outdoor pursuits, nutrition, hydration, back country skills and ski care; and
  • encouraged to ski at least once a week outside of Nordic with friends and family to continue to develop their skills and maintain their fitness.

Please note: When sessions coincide with races and loppets, all coaches will be at those events, therefore regular sessions may be suspended. Skiers in this program are encouraged to take part in the recreational levels of all provincial races RDN racers are attending. Additional fees will apply for races, clothing and camps.

Required Equipment:

  • skate and classic skis preferred, but combi skis are acceptable
  • skate and classic poles
  • skate and classic boots or combi boots
  • water bottle and carrier
  • headlamp (mandatory)
  • appropriate winter clothing
  • basic wax kit

For more information, please contact Head Coach - Alanna Butler at 403-582-0110.

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